In today’s world of the internet with smart phones taking up more than 50% of our daily lives, everyone expects every business to be online. We have been cultured to “search google” for everything. The sad truth is that less than 10% of Jamaican businesses actually have websites and worse not many of those showcase their products. Most of those that have an internet presence rely only on platforms like facebook and instagram for their internet presence but none of those platforms will return a search result for a product or service on the internet.

This creates a tremendous gap between the large and small businesses that don’t prioritize their internet presence.

But why don’t they all have websites?

Many small business owners are inundated with menial but necessary tasks that they MUST accomplish to keep their doors open. US$1,000.00 might mean the difference between meeting payroll or not. When budgets are so small, every new investment comes under a scrutiny microscope and usually gets pushed behind other items that create an immediate demand.

The other major reason is that most small business owners are uncomfortable with technology in the sense that they have to relinquish control of a project to a “web guy” and also of a significant investment which can make or break the business.

Why should you start your website?

When answering this question, I always like to tell a story of bicycle parts for sale in Montego Bay. Try it for yourself, search the internet for “bicycle parts Montego Bay” or “bicycle tyres Montego Bay”. You will see results for ATL Honda, Superior Auto and some other automobile distributors. If a person did not know specifically where to buy a bicycle or bicycle parts, then they would be at a loss. So would the 1 bicycle store that I know that does exist, has bicycles and all the parts for them.

Ask yourself a question? Would you buy a bicycle for your child? Where would you find one? What if you were the owner of that bicycle shop? Would you be missing out? You get the idea? Are you ready to get started?

How can we help?

We would like to put your website together for you. It will take a minimal investment compared to not doing it and you will get something that you and your customers will love – Guaranteed. It’s really simple, you fill out a form with some information about your business, send us your logo and any pictures you have. We’ll select a domain name for you and once you approve the domain name and website layout and design, we will go ahead and put it together for you. You will review and approve once more when we’re done, or you can request some changes and we’ll launch it for you plus send you a flyer for you to email to all your clients advertising our new website. It’s that simple.

When should you do it?

Of course, the answer is now. We can’t do this for everyone and we can’t help everyone in every situation so we invest the time required to learn about each client need, about their business, operation, dreams and aspirations and see how or if we can help. If we can’t help, we’ll tell you up-front. Contact us and let’s work together.

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